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Our Ten-Year Strategic Plan

In May 2021, Finance New Orleans’s Board of Trustees endorsed our 10-year Strategic Plan. This plan sets transformative goals and standards for our organization designed to allow Finance New Orleans to continue its vision to “Create a Resilient New Orleans with Opportunity for All.”  

Our plan creates a pathway for Finance New Orleans to invest in affordable housing development through innovative techniques, such as incorporating new green infrastructure in new developments or finance adding these features to existing structures.  It outlines our new Green Mortgage Program which combines down payment assistance for eligible families with options to finance green improvements to a home.  This program helps New Orleans homeowners not only save money on energy costs but also reduce negative impacts on our environment and achieve greater resiliency in light of a changing climate.  Our plan details our strategy for deploying the combination of financial tools like multifamily revenue bonds, Payments in Lieu of Tax agreements, and credit enhancement newly at our disposal to stimulate the development of new multifamily affordable housing.  


The Resilient New Orleans Finance Plan

Our Board has also endorsed the Resilient New Orleans Finance Plan (“RNOFP”), which is the culmination of research and planning led by C40 Cities and a multi-agency working group that includes: The City of New Orleans, New Orleans Redevelopment Authority, The New Orleans Business Alliance, The Sewage and Water Board of New Orleans, The Housing Authority of New Orleans, The Greater New Orleans Foundation, The Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport, The New Orleans Regional Transit Authority, Orleans Parish School Board, The Downtown Development District, and Finance New Orleans. The Resilient New Orleans Finance Plan is a framework to focus coordinated efforts for the mobilization of steady, reliable financial flows from private and public funds to produce social, resilience, and pollution-reducing benefits and jobs. The RNOFP seeks to lay out options for the City of New Orleans to bring climate resilience projects to life. With this insight in mind, the plan sets clear strategic priorities and actions, reviews the barriers to green finance mobilization, and outlines investment opportunities to aid and measure the city’s progress towards net-zero by 2050.  We are confident that our collective efforts will achieve the city’s goal to create a sustainable future for our children and grandchildren.  You can read the plan here.


These two plans will set the stage for Finance New Orleans to realize our overarching goal to invest $1 billion in impact investments within our community by the year 2030.  We are excited to join together with our partners to find creative and innovative solutions to accomplish our shared goals for resiliency and sustainability.  We embrace the need for bold new leadership and close collaboration between all stakeholders across our city.  By confronting the challenge before us, committed to cementing a lasting legacy for generations to come.  Together, we will accelerate our city’s transition into a rapidly changing world, ensuring that our city, our culture, and our communities can last for centuries more.   

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